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Natina Steel creates a rustic brown finish on galvanized surfaces that will not fade, crack, or peel over time from sun exposure.  Typical pigment based colorants (i.e. paint and/or powder coating)  fade, crack, and start to peel within only a few years.


Natina Steel reacts with the zinc in galvanized metal and quickly creates a beautiful rustic brown patina to better blend galvanized surfaces/structures into surrounding terrains.


Natina Steel



Features & Benefits

  • Developed specifically for galvanized surfaces and structures.
  • Color will not fade, crack, or peel from sun exposure.
  • Costs less than pigment based colorants (i.e. paints, stains, powder coating, etc.).

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After much anticipation, and several years of research and development, Natina Rock Formula (formerly known as Natina Concentrate 500) was finally introduced in February of 2007.


Rock Formula


Natina Rock Formula (rock colorant) creates earth-tone colors ranging from tan to very dark brown (depending on dilution rate) on rock surfaces that will not fade over time from sun exposure.



Features & Benefits

  • Creates earth-tone brown hues on rock surfaces.
  • Color lasts for decades!
  • Far less expensive than traditional paints and/or stains.

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    Formulated specifically for outdoor concrete surfaces, Natina Concrete Formula (concrete colorant) reacts with the hydrated lime present in concrete surfaces and creates beautiful earth-tone colors ranging from tan to dark brown (depending on dilution rate) that will not fade over time from sun exposure.


    The longevity of the color is due to the fact that Natina Concrete Formula contains no pigments but instead derives its color through a reaction with the lime in concrete.  Normal, pigment based, paints and stains fade quickly as the sun’s UV rays break down the pigments.

    *NOTE* Concrete must not have been previously sealed or painted.


    Concrete Formula



    Features & Benefits

    • Permanent concrete stain for outdoor concrete surfaces.
    • No sealing or future maintenance required.
    • Color will not fade from sun exposure.

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    Our experienced crews and specialized equipment make it possible for us to efficiently
    complete any size of project.

    • Helicopter Applications
    • Vertical Boom Lifts
    • High Pressure Tow-Behind Rig
    • Self-Contained Spray Rig


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