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Are Natina's solutions a type of paint?
No. None of Natina’s solutions contain resins or carriers found in paint. Natina’s solutions are primarily water based and contain carefully selected trace elements that are commonly found in soil and/or rock formations. These elements, when combined with heat and sunlight, cause Natina to react with the minerals in the target surface to create color that will last for decades without fading from sun exposure.
Will the Natina color fade over time from sun exposure or need to be reapplied like paint or traditional pigment based colorants ?

No. Since Natina contains no resins or carriers it will not fade from sun exposure like traditional paints or stains. However, if physical or chemical abrasion occurs a maintenance application may be necessary.

How long does Natina last?

Natina will last for decades without fading as long as it is not subjected to harsh physical or chemical abrasion.

Can Natina Concrete Formula be used over sealed or painted concrete?

No. Natina Concrete Formula needs to penetrate and saturate the concrete surface. Any type of paint or sealer will prevent Natina Concrete Formula from working properly.

What other surface types can Natina be used on?
Natina is primarily used on galvanized metal, concrete, and rock but some porous plastics and wood can be treated as well. Sample testing should be done on all surface types to ensure both proper color and surface type compatibilities.
How do I apply Natina?

Natina is for professional use only and is only applied by Natina Products, LLC or by one of our authorized applicators.  Please call today for more details.

Is Natina safe to handle?

Yes. Natina is safe to handle, however, we recommend using rubber gloves when mixing or handling because it can discolor skin and clothing. We also recommend wearing eye protection when mixing and handling.

Is Natina harmful to landscape plants located near the surfaces that are stained? And, can it be used around water or aquatic plant life?

No. Natina is completely safe to use around plant material and can actually improve soil nutrient value benefiting surrounding plants. Yes, Natina can be used to treat surfaces around aquatic plant life with no harmful effects.

How do I purchase Natina?

Natina is typically only applied by Natina Products, LLC or by one of our authorized applicators (with some exceptions made for government agencies or past clients).  For more information call our office or email us at sales@natinaproducts.com.

How large does the job need to be for Natina to do the work?

It depends on the situation and location of the project but typically projects must exceed a few thousand square feet.  Please call us today for more information and we will be glad to help.

How much area does a gallon of Natina cover?

This can range widely depending on: the surface type, the target color, and the type of application device used. Generally, using a typical backpack sprayer we will cover around 100 square feet of rock or 50 square feet of concrete per diluted gallon.  Natina Steel (galvanized metal colorant) should not be diluted and typically will cover between 60  and 80 square feet per gallon (this can vary though so please call us for details specific to your application).

What other colors can Natina create on rock and concrete?

Currently Natina can only create earth tone brown hues that can range from tan to very dark brown/black based on dilution rates when applied.

What colors does Natina Steel create on galvanized metal?

Currently Natina Steel can only create what we call a “rustic brown finish” which is mostly dark brown with some medium brown hues throughout.  But, what Natina Steel lacks as far as color options, it makes up for in longevity, costs, and ease of maintenance.

Does Natina have a shelf life?

No. Natina will last forever (should be kept out of direct sunlight and should not be stored over 99 degrees).

What is the pH level of Natina as applied and is it safe? Will it change existing soil pH levels?
Natina’s pH levels, even in concentrate form, are completely safe. Depending on dilution rates (determined by surface type and target color) our pH levels as applied are in the range of 4 – 5. Natina Steel can have a lower pH but our solutions contain only soft organic acids (as opposed to inorganic acids) that will not change existing soil pH levels and are completely safe.

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